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Landlord/ Tenant Law

Landlord Tenant law governs the rental of commercial and residential property. The landlord-tenant relationship is founded on rights and responsibilities defined by either statutory law, the common law, or the individual lease. 


At Ansetti & Associates, we represent commercial and residential clients in Landlord Tenant legal proceedings for properties located in the State of New Jersey. 

We are experienced in landlord-tenant legal proceedings pertaining to all types of landlord-tenant issues. 


The Federal, (New Jersey) State, and local rules governing landlords and tenants are 

complex and are often strictly interpreted. These rules & regulations in landlord/ tenant 

are constantly changing to adapt to new legislation, the mercurial real estate market and 

various other changes in the world. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, not 

knowing your rights and responsibilities can yield costly results. Call us today for a 

FREE legal Consultation to discuss your rights and course of action. 



As a tenant residing in New Jersey, you have many legal rights under existing 

landlord/ tenant law(s). Attorney(s) at Ansetti & Associates have extensive skill and 

knowledge as it pertains to landlord/tenant law and, perhaps more importantly, to the 

local rules/ regulations. As a tenant, many issues may arise that require legal answers 

and advice. Sometimes the answers to these questions may be straightforward, but 

other times you may need the advice from an experienced attorney in your area. Some 

of these issues are: 

● Security Deposits: How large or small can they be, how should they be used, when should the landlord return them? 

● Fair Housing Standards and Rent Control in New Jersey? What are they? What does this mean in my case? Am I eligible? 

● Repairs: What is the landlord responsible for, and how can tenants get results? 

● Discrimination: What’s illegal, as opposed to good business discretion? 

● Terminations and evictions: How can a landlord terminate a tenancy, and when is eviction justified? 

As many of you already know, Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on landlord/ 

tenants law and, most notably, the rights of tenants in New Jersey. At Ansetti & 

Associates, we endeavor to stay up-to-date on the local policies and procedures in the 

tenancy arena and we would like the opportunity to share the latest changes with you. 

If you have questions or were recently served with a complaint by your Landlord, please 

contact us today for a FREE legal consultation. 



● It begins with a well drafted, solid, landlord friendly lease. 

○ If you are reading this site, you may not have prepared a lease that can 

withstand challenges from tenants who all seem to know their rights. We 

can handle whatever problem you presently may have, but, in addition, 

provide you with a well constructed lease to avoid these legal pitfalls. 

● Proper Notices: 

○ Notice of Breach 

○ Notice to cease and desist 

○ Notice to quit, demand for possession 

● Proper Service: 

○ If you have proper grounds to institute an eviction complaint against a 

tenant in New Jersey, you must strictly comply with the service 


○ Hiring Ansetti & Associates will prevent you from having to re-file month(s) 

later because of defective service. 

● Mediation: 

○ Due to recent changes in landlord/ tenant law as a result of Covid 19, the 

courts have favored the landlord and tenant, by and through counsel, 

engaging in mediation first to try to resolve the issues. 

■ This could result in a scheduled move out date, a pay and stay 

agreement or an alternative arrangement that works for both sides. 

● Court/ Trial: 

○ The attorney’s at Ansetti & Associates possess the requisite knowledge 

and expertise to handle your landlord/ tenant matter. We will try to resolve 

the issue prior to trial, however, sometimes this is not possible. On these 

types of cases, we will argue your case to the Judge seeking a judgment 

in eviction and, if/ when successful, have the tenant evicted and, when 

necessary, removed, from your premises. 

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