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Our law firm has maintained a sterling reputation for excellence by ensuring that each client receives personalized care and attention. By staying apprised of your individual case details and circumstances, we strive to help you lay the groundwork for your best future. While the process can be difficult and stressful, bankruptcy can also provide you with the chance to start over, and make better choices the next time around. Don’t hesitate to call our office to ask about the following types of bankruptcy options:

  • Chapter 7

  • Chapter 9

  • Chapter 11

  • Chapter 12

  • Chapter 13

Contact one of our New Jersey offices today, for help with your financial situation.

Bankruptcy in your Foreclosure Action

 First and foremost, we will employ all available resources to stop the foreclosure process in the New Jersey Court system and work through the hardship package and subsequent modification process with you.  However, in some instances, albeit a smaller percentage of our cases, your lender may refuse to give you a modification on your loan.   Although we would have delayed the foreclosure for a significant period of time, year(s) in most cases, and kept you in your home (while not having to make a mortgage payment), the sheriff's sale could be scheduled.  When this happens, bankruptcy becomes a viable alternative to obtain a modification on your loan and, most importantly, save your home.  When we file your bankruptcy, one of the petitions we file is to submit your file into the bankruptcy portal where we can work out your modification with your lender while maintaining the protections in bankruptcy.

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