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Foreclosure Defense

If you have received a Notice of Foreclosure or a Foreclosure complaint and are facing foreclosure proceedings, PLEASE do not panic, WE CAN HELP!  Lawyers at my firm will employ various legal strategies to ensure that you stay in and keep your home.  At Ansetti & Associates, we aggressively fight banks who employ unfair predatory lending practices.  We handle foreclosure proceedings in the following areas:

  •  Residential foreclosures

  •  Commercial foreclosures

  •  Tax foreclosures

  •  Bankruptcy – Chapter 7, 11 & 13

  •  Mortgage loan modifications

Foreclosure Process:

Modify your mortgage to an affordable monthly payment;

  • ​Lenders make it difficult for homeowners to obtain a modification and/ or multiple modifications.  We deal with these lenders every day and know what they are looking for to reduce your interest rate, extend your payment plan, eliminate interest, late fees and, on some occasions, principal. 

Seek to obtain relief in the State - Chancery Court system.

  • ​Assert applicable claims for, among other things, fraud, truth in lending violations, service and notice violations and other legal issues including the lenders note.

  • Mediation is an additional legal maneuver that we have at our disposal in an attempt to expedite a fair modification offer prior to trial or bankruptcy.


  • If together, we determine that bankruptcy is your best course of action, our bankruptcy attorney will utilize legal strategies in the Federal Bankruptcy Court to eliminate or restructure your debt.

  • If modification is unsuccessful or we are unable to obtain adequate relief in the State Court, we can modify your mortgage and save your home in the Bankruptcy portal.

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